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Banner o Sooth Ossetie

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The banner o South Ossetian

The banner uised bi Republic o Sooth Ossetie is a tricolour, top tae bottom white, reid, an yellae. The banner wis prescribed bi the Constitution o 26 November 1990 an confirmed bi the Regulation on the Naitional Banner o 30 Mairch 1992. The colours seembolise moral purity (white), martial courage (red), an wealth an prosperity (yellow).

The banner is an aa uised bi the pro-Georgia Provisional Administrative Entity o Sooth Ossetie, formerly based in Kurta, which opposes the separatist govrenment in Tskhinvali.

The banner is awmaist identical tae the banner o North Ossetia-Alania, the anerlie difference bein the aspect ratio.

In blazons, the banner is describit as Per fess Argent and Or, a fess Gules.

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