Balmairnie Aibbey

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Balmairnie Aibbey
Balmerino Abbey Chaper House.JPG
Monastery information
Mither hooseMelrose Aibey
DioceseDiocese o St Aundraes
Controlled kirksBalmerino; Barry; Cultrain; Logie-Murdoch
Foonder(s)Ermengarde de Beaumont

Balmairnie Aibbey, or St Edwart's Aibey, in Balmairnie, Fife, Scotland, wis a Cistercian monastic commonty.[1]

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Coordinates: 56°24′33″N 3°02′28″W / 56.40917°N 3.04111°W / 56.40917; -3.04111