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Baklava - Turkish special, 80-ply.JPEG
Baklava is prepared on lairge trays an cut intae a variety
o shapes
Coorse Dessert
Place o origin Ottoman Empire
Region or state Kintras o the umwhile
Ottoman Empire an Central Asie
Servin temperatur Cauld, room temperatur
or re-wairmed
Main ingredients Phyllo daich, nuts, sweetenin
Variations Multiple
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Baklava (/ˈbɑːkləvɑː/, /bɑːkləˈvɑː/,[1] or /bəˈklɑːvə/;[2] an aa baqlawah) is a rich, sweet pastry made o layers o phyllo pastry filled wi chopped nuts an sweetened wi syrup or honey. It is characteristic o the cuisines o the umwhile Ottoman Empire, an those o Central an Soothwast Asie, but is an aa eaten frequently in Mediterranean Europe.

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