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Baidoa is locatit in Somalie
Location in Somalie
Coordinates: 3°07′N 43°39′E / 3.117°N 43.650°E / 3.117; 43.650
Kintra  Somalie
Somalie Bay Region
Elevation 446 m (1,463 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 129,839
Time zone +3

Baidoa (Somali: Baydhabo) is a ceety in sooth-central Somalie, situatit 256 kilometers (159 miles) bi road northwast o the caipital Mogadishu. It is the caipital o the Bay region, which is traditionally inhabitit bi the Digil an Mirifle (Rahanweyn) clans.

Baidoa is the third lairgest ceety in Somalie, the fowert maist important efter Kismayo. For a brief period during the mid-2000s, it is an aa served as the naition's provisional caipital. Its population is estimatit ower 800,000.