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Az Zawiyah (kent as Ez or Al Zawiyah or Zawiya or Zawia or Zavia or Zauia an aw), (Arabic: 'الزاوية'‎, transliteration: Az Zāwiyah), (variants: Az Zawiyah Al Gharbiyah, Arabic: الزاوية الغربية‎, Ḩārat az Zāwiyah[1], Al Ḩārah[2], El-Hára[3] and Haraf Az Zāwīyah[4]), is a ceity in northwastren Libie, situatit on the shores o the Libian coastline o the Mediterranean Sea aboot 50 km wast o Tripoli, in the historic region o Tripolitanie. Az Zawiyah is the caipital o the Az Zawiyah Destrict.

In the Libian censuses o 1973 an 1984, the ceity coontit aboot 100,000 inhabitants; it wis then - an possibly continues tae be the day - the fowert lairgest ceity in Libie bi population (efter Tripoli, Benghazi an Misrata). In 2006, the Az Zawiyah Destrict wis estimatit tae hae a population o aboot 291,000 fowk,[5] maist o whom wur concentratit in the ceity. Az Zawiyah haes a university named the Seivent o Aprile University which wis foondit in 1988. There is forby an ile field near the ceity an Az Zawiyah haes ane o the twa maist important ile refineries in Libie.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The multi-purpose stadium, Zaawia Stadium, which is mainly uised for fitbaa is locatit in the ceity.[6][7]

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Coordinates: 32°45′8″N 12°43′40″E / 32.75222°N 12.72778°E / 32.75222; 12.72778