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The autumn or hairst is the saison eftir simmer an afore winter.[1]

The hairst gits its name frae it bein a tym for hairstin maist craps[2]. Deceidus trees (trees that loss thair leafs ilka yeir) loss thair leafs, forordnar eftir turnin yellae, reid, or broun in the hairst.[3] In monie kintras, the hairst is the tym a new skuil or acadmic yeir stairts; in the Unitit Kinrick, this cam frae the 1880 Education Act, makkin skuill fir aw childer frae five tae ten yeir stairt in September, aifter the maist o the hairst wis in.[4]

Whan it is the hairst in the Northren Hemisphere, it is the ware in the Soothren Hemisphere.[5] Whan it is the hairst in the Soothren Hemisphere, it is the ware in the Northren Hemisphere.

Ware     Winter
   Simmer           Autumn   

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