Austrick preses election 2016

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The Austrick preses election 2016 wis on on the 24t Apryle 2016 (first roun) an the 22t Mey 2016 (first saicont roun) an 4t o December 2016 (saicont time daein the saicont roun). The first saicont roun wis atween Alexander Van der Bellen, wanthirlt candidate that is pairt o the Greens (the winner) an Norbert Hofer o the FPÖ. The election wis eminent fur twa things: first, it wis the saicont Green preses in the warld, an the first in Austrick an, seicont, baith the feckmaist pairties o Austrick (the Social Democratic Pairty an the Fowk Pairty) wis out o the election fae the first roun. On the 1t o Julie, the constitutional court decides there eneuch irregularities (but nae cheaterie) that the fowk maun redae the election. In the redaein o the election, Van der Bellen bears the gree again, wi a muckler distance aheid o Hofer (53% agin 47%).