Norbert Hofer

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Norbert Hofer
Norbert Hofer 2016 (cropped).JPG
Third Preses o the Naitional Cooncil
In office
29 October 2013 – 18 December 2017
Precedit bi Martin Graf
Succeedit bi Anneliese Kitzmueller
Personal details
Born Norbert Gerwald Hofer
(1971-03-02) 2 Mairch 1971 (age 48)
Vorau, Austrick
Poleetical pairty Freedom Pairty
Spoose(s) Verena Elfriede Maria Malus
Bairns 4
Alma mater HTBLA Eisenstadt
Wabsteid Parliament website

Norbert Gerwald Hofer[1] (German pronunciation: [ˈnɔʁbɛʁt ˈhoːfɐ]; born 2 Mairch 1971) is an Austrick politeecian an member o the richt-weeng populist Freedom Pairty o Austrick. He narrowly lost the Mey 2016 election for Preses tae Alexander Van der Bellen, but successfully challenged the result. He lost the re-run on 4 December 2016. Hofer is Meenister for Transport, Innovation an Technology in the coaleetion govrenment o Sebastian Kurz.

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