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Austin A125 Sheerline DS1 front.jpg

The Austin Sheerline wis a luxury caur produced bi Austin Motor Company frae 1947 tae 1954.

The Sheerline wis designed bi Austin afore Warld War Twa but production did na begin until 1947 acause o the commitment tae war production. It wis a luxurious caur in the style o the contemporary Rolls-Royce or Bentley but at a much lawer price. Thare wur aboot 8000 biggit but it is nou becomin quite rare.

The first caurs, designated A110, haed a 3460 cc straucht 6 owerheid valve ingine but this wis suin increased tae 3995 cc wi 125 hp an the designation then became A125. Initially anerlie a Saloon version on a 9 feet 11 1/4 inch wheelbase chassis wis made but this wis jynt bi a (rare) Limousine version in 1950 on a stretched 11 ft chassis. Later on thare came mair versions includin a hearse an an ambulance. At 37 hundredweight (1850 kg) for the saloon an 2 tons (2000 kg) for the limousine this wis a hivy caur an tae maintain performance a law final drive ratio o 4.55:1 wi 16 inch tyres wis fitted. Suspension wis bi coil springs at the front an hauf elliptic leaf springs at the rear. The saloon version haed a tap speed o 82 mph.

In 1954 production ceased wi the Austin luxury category passin tae the seemilar A135 Princess Mk II which haed an aa been in production syne 1947 an wad continue until 1956.

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