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Austin Metro

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Austin Metro
ManufacturerAustin Rover Group
Rover Cars
Rover (BMW)
Cried an awRover Metro
MG Metro
Morris Metro
(2,078,218; includes Rover 100)[1]
AssemblyLongbridge, Birmingham, Ingland
Bouk an chassis
Body style5-door hatchback
3-door hatchback
3-door van
2-door convertible
LayootFront-ingine, front-wheel drive
Ingine1.0 A-Series  Straight-4
1.3 A-Series  Straight-4
1.3 A-Series  Straight-4 turbo
1.1 SPI K-series 8V
1.4 SPI K-series 8/16V
1.4 MPI K-series 8/16V
SuccessorNane, Indirect:
Rover 200 MkIII/Rover 25

The Metro is a supermini caur that wis produced bi the Austin Rover Group division o British Leyland an its successors. It wis launched in 1980 as the Austin miniMetro. It wis intendit tae complement the Mini, an wis developed unner the codename LC8.

During its 18-year lifespan, the Metro wore mony names: Austin Metro, MG Metro an Rover Metro. It wis re-badged as the Rover 100 series in 1994. Thare wur an aa van versions kent as the Morris Metro an later, Metrovan.

At the time o its launch, the Metro wis sauld as an Austin. Frae 1982, MG versions became available. Frae 1990 until its withdrawal in 1997, the Metro wis sauld anerlie as a Rover.

Awtho the new Rover 200 (introducit in 1995 an smawer than previous 200 models) haed oreeginally been designed as a replacement for the Metro, it wis na mercatit as sic efter its launch. A direct replacement in the supermini cless did na arrive till 2003 wi the CityRover. The Rover 100 finally ceased production in 1997, ironically bein oot-lived (bi twa years) bi the oreeginal Mini it wis meant tae replace.

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