Auld Tbilisi

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View o Auld Tbilisi in the early 1900s
View o Old Tbilisi in 1868, bi Ivan Aivazovsky.

Auld Tbilisi (Georgie: ძველი თბილისი, dzveli t'bilisi) is a admeenistrative destrict (raioni) in Tbilisi, caipital o Georgie. Awtho the term "Auld Tbilisi" haes lang been uised tae denote a historical pairt o the ceety, it wis anerly in 2007 that it became a distinct admeenistrative entity tae incorporate several historical neebourheids umwhile includit in the destricts o Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi, Isani-Samgori, an Didube-Chughureti.

Auld Tbilisi is principally centred on wha is commonly referred tae as the Tbilisi Historic Destrict, which, due tae its significant airchitectural an urban value, as well as the threat tae its survival, wis previously leetit on the Warld Monuments Watch (1998, 2000, 2002).[1]

The destrict is locatit on the baith sides o the Mtkvari River an is dominatit bi Munt Mtatsminda, Narikala fortress an the Kartlis Deda monument. It chiefly represents a 19t-century urban fabric wi lairgely eclectic airchitectur which includes the biggins an structurs frae the 5t tae the 20t century. Housomeivver, maist o the pre-19t century ceety did no survive due tae the devastatin Persie invasion o 1795. The destrict hooses a bulk o the tourist attractions in Tbilisi, includin kirks, museums, sulphur bathhooses, an peculiar firthen hooses wi open, carvit balconies. In the 19t century, the core territory o the modren-day destrict o Auld Tbilisi wis tentatively subdividit intae ethnic neebourheids sic as Avlabari wi its Armenie an Georgie quairters, Alexanderdorf German quairter on the left bank o the Kura River an the Persie Quairter (Said-Abad) on the richt bank o the Mtkvari River.

New Life o Auld Tbilisi[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2010, the govrenment o Tbilisi stairtit a program initiatit bi Mayor Gigi Ugulava. The idea wis tae renew auld an damagit hooses an cobbled streets tae mak Auld Tbilisi mair attractive for tourists an visitors.

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