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Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn 1956.jpg
Hepburn in 1956
Born Audrey Kathleen Ruston
May 04,1929
Died January 20,1993 (age:63)
Tolochenaz, Switzerland
Cause o daith
Appendiceal cancer
Restin place
Tolochenaz Cemetery, Tolochenaz, Vaud, Swisserland
Naitionality Breetish
Ither names
  • Edda van Heemstra
  • Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston
Thrift Actor (1948–1989)
Humanitarian (1988–1992)
Years active 1948–1992
Hauf-marrae(s) Mel Ferrer
Andrea Dotti
Pairtner(s) Andrea Dotti (1969-1982) Mel Ferrer (1954-1968)
Childer Luca Dotti (Son) Sean Hepburn Ferrer (Son)
Relatives Ella van Heemstra (mother) Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston (father)
Signatur Audrey Hepburn signature.svg

Audrey Hepburn (born Audrey Kathleen Ruston; May 04,1929 – 20 January 20,1993) wis a Breetish actress an humanitarian. Recognised as baith a film an fashion icon, Hepburn wis active durin Hollywid's Gowden Age. She wis ranked bi the American Film Institute as the third greatest female screen legend in the history o American cinema an haes been placed in the International Best Dressed List Haw o Fame. She is regardit bi mony tae be the maist naiturally beautiful woman o aw time.[1][2][3][4] Audrey Hepburn was born to an English father and Dutch mother in Belgium, May 4th, 1929. Her father's job as an insurance agent meant the family often moved between England, Holland and Belgium. In 1935, her parents divorced; one reason for this was that her father was a Nazi sympathiser. In 1935, her parents divorced; one reason for this was that her father was a Nazi sympathiser. The divorce was very traumatic for six-year-old Audrey; she would later say it was the most traumatic incident of her life. After the war, despite suffering under the Nazi occupation,  Audrey later tracked down her father to Dublin and supported him financially. From 1935–38, Audrey went to boarding school in Kent; in 1939 her mother moved the family to Arnhem in the Netherlands, where she thought it would be safe from Nazi invasion.She was given an award by the theater world for the best debut performance. Her first film was Secret People in 1952; a film about a prodigy ballerina, which was a natural choice for Audrey to play. It was during the filming for this that she was spotted by director William Wyler. He was producing a film “Roman Holiday”, and he felt the innocence and elfin beauty of Audrey Hepburn would make a perfect choice for the English Princess, who spends a day in Rome in the company of Gregory Peck. The film was a great hit, and on the advertising, Audrey Hepburn was given the same billing as Gregory Peck. In many respects, Audrey outshone her more illustrious lead Gregory Peck; as Peck predicted, it was Audrey who would be given an Oscar for her performance.In 1988, Audrey became a special ambassador to the United Nations UNICEF fund helping children in Latin America and Africa, a position she retained until 1993. She was named to People's magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Her last film was Always (1989) in 1989. Audrey Hepburn died on January 20, 1993 in Tolochnaz, Vaud, Switzerland, from appendicular cancer. She had made a total of 31 high quality movies. Her elegance and style will always be remembered in film history as evidenced by her being named in Empire magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time."

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