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Atakule Touer and Atrium mall in Ankara
General information
TeepObservation touer
Communications touer
Shopping mall
LocationAnkara, Turkey
Coordinates39°53′10″N 32°51′22″E / 39.88611°N 32.85611°E / 39.88611; 32.85611Coordinates: 39°53′10″N 32°51′22″E / 39.88611°N 32.85611°E / 39.88611; 32.85611
Construction stairtit1987
OpeninOctober 13, 1989
Ruif125 m (410 ft)
Technical details
Fluir coont4
Design an construction
AirchitectRagıp Buluç

Atakule is a 125 m (410 feet) heich communications and observation touer locatit in the Çankaya destrict of central Ankara, Turkey, and is qne of the primary laundmarks of the ceety. As the destrict of Çankaya is itself on a hill, the touer can be spottit frae awmaist onywhere in the ceety during clear days. The touer's design came frae airchitect Ragıp Buluç and the construction wirks lastit frae 1987 tae 1989. The top section of the touer hooses an open terrace and a revolving restaurant named Sevilla, which makes a full 360 degree rotation in ane hour. On top of Sevilla is anither restaurant, Dome, which is non-revolvin and locatit directly unner the cupola. Unner the terrace is a café, named UFO. The bottom structurs hoose a shopping mall and several indoor and ootdoor restaurants. The tower was opened on 13 October 1989 by Preses Turgut Özal. Due tae the ongoing rebuilding of the shopping mall, the touer is nou closed tae visitors.

In Turkis, the wird ata means "ancestor" (or "father" in Auld Turkic), which is often uised as a nickname (Ata) for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the foonder and first Preses o the Republic of Turkey; while the Turkish wird kule means "touer".

Atrium shopping mall[eedit | eedit soorce]

The shopping mall adjacent tae the touer, Atrium, wis an aa opened on 13 October 1989. It wis the first modren mall in Ankara and the seicont in Turkey efter Galleria in Istanbul, which wis opened in 1987. The shopping mall wis closed due tae loss of popularity in the face of competeetion frae an increasing nummer of mair modren shopping malls in the ceety.[1] It is nou demolished and being rebuilt as a contemporary style shopping mall.[2][3]

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