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Asimov's Science Fiction begound its life as the digest-sized Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (or IASFM fae short) in 1977. Joel Davis o Davis Publications approached the weel-respectit author Isaac Asimov tae lend his name tae a new science feection magazine, efter the fashion o Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine or Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Asimov refuiset tae act as editor, an served insteid as editorial director, writin editorials an reponin tae reader mail, till his daith in 1992. Insteid, George H. Scithers wis hiret as the magazine's foremaist editor.

Initially a quarterly, its first issue wis dated Ware 1977. It chynget tae a bimonthly in 1978 an began publishing ilk month in 1979. In the mid-1980s, it became a tetraweekly, publishing ance ilka fower weeks, wi an extrae "mid-December" issue. Dooble issues wis added in the early 1990s afore the schedule wis scaled back tae the praisent 10 issues per year.

The magazine wis selt tae Bantam Doubleday Dell in Januar 1992, no monie months afore Asimov's daith, an the teetle chynget tae Asimov's Science Fiction. Its paurent company, Dell Magazines, haes chynget haunds several times syne than. In 1998, the magazine's size chynget; it is nou taller an slichtly wider nor the staundard digest format (matching ither magazines furthset bi its newest corporate paurent). The magazine briefly became a figure o controversy in Februar 2004 whan WoodTV in Gran Rapids, Michigan ran a storie alleging that it wis an "adult" magazine bein targeted towards childer. A mither haed purchaesed a subscription fae her 13-year auld dochter via a schuil fundraiser (fondhyster) an, efter leukin throu it, decidet that the content wis overtly sexual. The event became a minor cause celebre amang monie Internet sf fans.

Editor[eedit | eedit soorce]

George H. Scithers, 1977-1982 Kathleen Moloney, 1982 (interim) Shawna McCarthy, 1983-1985 Gardner Dozois, 1986-2004 Sheila Williams, 2004-praisent

Scithers wis an editor wi conservative tastes, an the fiction he furthset wis maistly genre-traditional an unadventurous. His successors' tastes favored fiction reflecting "leeteratur" influences frae ootwi the genre, an quickly transformed the magazine. Scithers left the magazine efter five years, winnin twa Hugo awairds as gey editor, an wis succeeded bi Shawna McCarthy. McCarthy held the poseetion fae twa years, winnin ane Hugo awaird. Gardner Dozois edited the magazine frae 1985 tae 2004, winnin fifteen Hugo awairds, afore stepping doun an acomin its contributing editor. Sheila Williams is the praisent editor o the magazine.

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