Ash Ketchum

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Ash Ketchum
'Pokémon' chairacter
Ash Ketchum an Pikachu, as seen in Pokémon XY (Saison 17)
First appearancePokémon, I Choose You!
First gemmePokémon Puzzle League
Creautit biSatoshi Tajiri

Ash Ketchum, kent as Satoshi (サトシ) in Japan, is a feectional chairacter in the Pokémon franchise ained bi Nintendo. He is the main protagonist o the Pokémon anime an manga series as well as on various merchandise relatit tae the franchise. In Japanese, the chairacter is vyced bi Rica Matsumoto. In the Inglis dub, he wis vyced bi Veronica Taylor frae 1998 tae 2006. Syne the nint series o the anime series, he is vyced i Sarah Natochenny for the remainder o the anime.[1] Kayzie Rogers vyces Ash in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon telly special. His name is derived frae the Japanese name (as the letters 'ash' are includit in 'Sataeshi') an his Inglis motto, "Gotta Catch 'Em All".[2] Ash's dream is tae acome a Pokémon Master. He is loosely based on Red, the player chairacter frae the Generation I gemmes Pokémon Red, Green, Blue an Yellow as well as the Generation III gemmes Pokémon FireRed an LeafGreen versions. The chairacter's first offeecial appearance in a gemme wis in Pokémon Puzzle League.

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