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OreiginFrankfurt, Hesse, Germany
GenresHivy metal
Years active2006–present
LabelsMassacre Records
Associate actsAyreon
MembersAnastasia Schmidt
Carina Hanselmann
Ines Thomé
Lisa Marie Geiß
Lena Yatsula
Till Felden
Past membersEve Kreuzer

Arven is a German hivy metal baund frae Frankfurt, Hesse, which haes released a studio album tae date. The group describes their style as melodic metal.


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Foondit in 2006 bi guitarist an sangwriter Anastasia Schmidt. Female muisikers joined the guitarist an pianist Ines Thomé an Lena Yatsula joined the baund on guitar an piano respectively. Classically trained sangster Carina Hanselmann came tae the baund an aw. In Mey 2009, Lisa Marie Geiß replaces Eve Kreuzer on bass. As the anerlie man o the sextet is the drummer o the baund Till Felden.

In 2011, Arven signed a record deal wi Massacre Records. The release o their debut album, Music of Light wis set for 23 September 2011. [1] The album wis mastered bi Sascha Paeth an Michael Rodenberg. The album cover wis designed bi Jan Yrlund. Efter the release wis postponed for a week, the album wis released on 30 September 2011.


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  • 2008: Demo (Demo)
  • 2011: Music of Light (Album)
  • 2013: Black is the colour (Album)
  1. Record-Deal and Album Release Date.

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