Ardon, North Ossetie-Alanie

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For ither places wi the same name, see Ardon.

Coordinates: 43°11′N 44°18′E / 43.183°N 44.300°E / 43.183; 44.300

Ardon (Roushie: Ардо́н; Ossetic: Æрыдон) is a toun an the admeenistrative center o Ardonsky Destrict o the Republic o North Ossetie-Alanie, Roushie, locatit in the central pairt o the republic on the wast bank o the Ardon River, 39 kilometers (24 mi) northwest of the republic's capital Vladikavkaz. Population: 17,521 (2002 Census);[1] 13,536 (1989 Census).[2]

It wis foondit in 1824 an wis grantit toun status in 1964.

The toun is an important road an rail junction at the heid o a branch line tae the soothren toun o Alagir. Till 1964, it wis anerlie a veelage, afore it wis transformit intae an industrial-agricultural hub wi a cannery, hemp processin factory, an ither facilities for fuid an agricultural processin.

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