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Apatzingán (in full, Apatzingán de la Constitución) is a ceety an its surroondin municipality. It's locatit in the hot Tierra Caliente valley, in the wast-central pairt o the Mexican state o Michoacán. The ceety is the fowert-lairgest in Michoacán (ahint Morelia, Uruapan, an Zamora), wi a 2005 census population o 93,180 persons. The municipality o Apatzingán haes an aurie o 1,656.67 km² (639.64 sq mi) an reportit a population o 115,078.

Recently Apatzingán haes receivit media attention acause o the strang presence o notorious, pouerful an walthy drug traffickin cartels. Preses Felipe Calderón haes made this historic toun, which is whaur the Mexican leaders came tae write their first constitution.

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