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Jungapeo is a municipality in the eastren pairt o the Mexican state o Michoacán. The municipality haes a aurie o 265.98 square kilometres (0.45% o the surface of the state)[1] an is bordered tae the north bi the municipality o Tuxpan, tae the east bi Juárez an Zitácuaro, tae the sooth bi Tuzantla, an tae the wast bi Hildago. The municipality haed a population o 18,571 inhabitants accordin tae the 2005 census.[2] Its municipal seat is the ceety o Jungapeo de Juárez.

In pre-Columbie the region wis dominatit bi the pouerful P'urhépecha fowk. Jungapeo is a wird o Chichimeca oreegin that means "Yellae Place".

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Coordinates: 19°27′N 100°30′W / 19.450°N 100.500°W / 19.450; -100.500