Antti Puhakka

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Antti Puhakka
Olli Kymäläinen, Pietari Makkonen, and Antti Puhakka, Finnish poets.
Born24 Apryle 1816(1816-04-24)
Dee'd(1893-03-30)30 Mairch 1893

Antti Puhakka (Aprile 24, 1816 – Mairch 30, 1893) wis a Finnish naitional romantic poet frae Kontiolahti in Finnish Karelie.[1] He was known for using Kalevala meter in his poems.

Puhakka wis illiterate till the age o 21, but efter gainin the skill o writin he wrote nearly 20,000 lines o poetry. He later became a member o the Finnish Leeterature Society.

Antti Puhakka wis electit tae the Diet o Finland fower times efter 1862, representin land-awnin peasants, an became a popular politeecian in Finland.[2]

His most well-known poems are "Tuhman Jussin juttureissu" and "Surulaulu 1850 vuoden kiellosta."

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