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Anthriscus sylvestris

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Anthriscus sylvestris
Scientific classification edit
Kinrick: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Apiales
Faimily: Apiaceae
Genus: Anthriscus
Species: A. sylvestris
Binomial name
Anthriscus sylvestris
  • Anthriscus alpina (Vill.) Jord.
  • Anthriscus candollei Rouy & E.G.Camus
  • Anthriscus chaerophyllea (Lam.) Druce
  • Anthriscus dissectus C.H.Wright
  • Anthriscus elatior Besser
  • Anthriscus intermedia Schur
  • Anthriscus keniensis H.Wolff
  • Anthriscus laevigata Griseb.
  • Anthriscus nemorosa Baker & S.Moore nom. illeg.
  • Anthriscus pilosa Schur
  • Anthriscus procera Besser
  • Anthriscus torquata Duby
  • Anthriscus yunnanensis W.W.Sm.
  • Carum sylvestre (L.) Baill.
  • Caucalis aequicolorum All.
  • Cerefolium sylvestre (L.) Bubani
  • Cerefolium tenuifolium Beck
  • Chaerefolium sylvestre (L.) Schinz
  • Chaerophyllum affine Steud. ex A.Rich.
  • Chaerophyllum alpinum Vill.
  • Chaerophyllum angulatum Kit. ex Spreng.
  • Chaerophyllum ateanum (Pau) Pau
  • Chaerophyllum cadonense Schult. ex Steud.
  • Chaerophyllum ghilanicum Stapf & Wettst.
  • Chaerophyllum infestum Salisb.
  • Chaerophyllum lactescens Rochel ex Steud.
  • Chaerophyllum sylvestre L.
  • Chaerophyllum tumidum Gilib. nom. inval.
  • Myrrhis chaerophylloides Hance
  • Myrrhis sylvestris (L.) Spreng.
  • Oreochorte yunnanensis (W.W. Sm.) Koso-Pol.
  • Peucedanum dissectum (C.H. Wright) Dawe

Anthriscus sylvestris, known as deil's meal or dug's carvie is a yerbaceous biennial or short-leeved perennial plant in the faimily Apiaceae (Umbelliferae),[2] genus Anthriscus.

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