Anthony Boucher

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Anthony Boucher (21 Augist, 1911 - 29 Aprile, 1968) [1] wis a science feection & meesterie scriever, editor, an reviewer wi a Scots Forebeir (his grandfaither).

Boucher wis born William Anthony Parker White in Oakland, California, an gaed tae college at the Varsity o Soothren California. He later gat a Maisters degree fae the Varsity o California at Berkeley. He wis admired for his meesterie writins descrieved as "specimens o the grand deductive tradeetion, fou o lockit-room riddles an orra clues an intellectual rackets, kittelt bi the owthor's loue o leids an leeteratur an theatre an oprea an Sherlock Holmes an science feection an bawdy eemir an the tole , socially concernt weeng o the Catholic Kirk", but wis best kent for his editin, his science feection anthologies, an his meesterie reviews for monie years in The New York Times. He wis the first Inglis trunchman o Jorge Luis Borges, turnin "El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan" for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. He helpit foond the 'Mystery Writers o Americae' in 1946. Forby thon he wis editor o the Magazine o Fantasy an Science Fiction for several years efter its inception an wis seminal in ettlin tae mak leiterarie quality a gey important aspect o science feection. Anthony Boucher dee'd o lung cancer on 29 Aprile, 1968 at the 'Kaiser Foundation Hospital' in Oakland.

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