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Anseba Region

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Anseba Zone

Zoba Anseba
Map o Eritrea wi the Anseba Region heichlichtit
Map o Eritrea wi the Anseba Region heichlichtit
 • AdmeenistratorSelma Hassan
 • Total23,200 km2 (9,000 sq mi)
 • Total893,587
 • Density39/km2 (100/sq mi)

Anseba (Tigrinya: ኣንሰባ) is an inland region o Eritrea, in the wast o the kintra.


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Its capital is Keren an it has an area about 23,000 km². It is name after the Anseba River around which the region is situate. The river begins in the central Eritrean highland plateau, in the suburbs northwest o the capital Asmara. It then descends northwards into the northwest to the lowlands', travel to the mountains o Rora Habab an Sahel afore join in the Barka River near the border with Sudan. Other round in this region include Halhal. The region borders Gash-Barka to the sooth, the Central (Maekel) region to the sooth-east, the Northern Reid Sea Region to the east an north, an the nation o Sudan to the wast.


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The region includes the follaein destricts:


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Coordinates: 16°00′N 38°00′E / 16.000°N 38.000°E / 16.000; 38.000