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Animosity (baund)

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OreiginSan Francisco, Californie, Unitit States
GenresDaithgrind, daithcore,
technical daith metal
Years active2000–2009
LabelsTribunal Records
Black Market Activities
Metal Blade Records

Animosity wis a deathcore baund frae San Francisco, Californie. They released their debut album, Shut It Down, on Tribunal Records in 2003, when the members o the baund wur 16 an 17 year auld. In 2005, they released their seicont disc, Empires, on Black Market Activities (wi distribution through Metal Blade Records) an toured the Unitit States wi Origin an Malevolent Creation. Their third album, Animal, wis produced bi Kurt Ballou f Converge an released in October o 2007. They hae an aa toured Europe wi Converge an Belgian hardcore/punk baund Rise and Fall. Leo haes stated via Myspace bulletin that baund haes indeed disbandit an haes no done ony baund relatit wirk as o 2009.

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