Anenii Noi

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Anenii Noi is a ceety in east-central Moldovae, the seat o Anenii Noi District. It is locatit 36 km (22 mi) SE o the caipital Chişinău.

Accordin tae the 2004 census, the ceety administers an aurie inhabitit bi 11,463 fowk. This aurie consists o the ceety itself, population 8,358, an five suburb villages: Albiniţa, population 370, Beriozchi, population 647, Hîrbovăţul Nou, population 484, Ruseni, population 1,090, an Socoleni, population 514. O these, 6,324 are Moldovans (Romanians), 2,721 Ukrainians, 1,923 Roushies, 68 Gagauzians, 178 Bulgarians, 7 Jews, 11 Poles, 46 Gypsies, an 185 ithers/undeclared. At the 1930 census, there wur twa localities: Anenii Noi, population 661 (558 Bessarabian Germans, 30 Roushies, 19 Romanians, an 4 Poles), an Anenii Vechi, population 990 (891 Roushies, 74 Romanians, 19 Germans, 4 Jews, an 2 Bulgarians) in Plasa Bulboaca o Tighina Coonty.

There are twa restaurants an a few factories in Anenii Noi. Transportation is available tae Anenii Noi ivery hauf hour frae Chişinău.

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Coordinates: 46°52′54″N 29°13′51″E / 46.8817°N 29.2308°E / 46.8817; 29.2308