Andalusie horse

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Andalusie horse
Ither namesPure Spaingie Horse, pura raza española
Kintra o oreeginSpain, Iberian Peninsula
Distinguishin featursStrangly biggit, compact, elegant, thick mane an tail
Breed staundarts

The Andalusie, kent as the Pure Spaingie Horse or PRE (pura raza española[1]) forby, is a horse breed frae the Iberian Peninsula, whaur its ancestors hae leeved for thoosands o years.

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  1. The Spanish pura raza española leeterally translates tae 'Spaingie pure breed'. This Spaingie name is whiles caipitalised whan uised in Inglis-leid publications, but is aw lawer-case in Spaingie, that daes nae caipitalise adjectives derived frae proper noons.