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Anawrahta Minsaw (Burmese: အနော်ရထာ မင်းစော, pronounced: [ʔənɔ̀jətʰà mɪ́ɴ sɔ́]; 1015–1078) wis the foonder o the Pagan Empire. Considered the maist important Burmese monarch bi historians, Anawrahta turned a sma principality in the dry zone o Upper Burma intae the first Burmese Empire that formed the basis o modren-day Burma (Myanmar). Historically verifiable Burmese history begins wi his ascension tae the Pagan throne in 1044.

Anawrahta unified the entire Irrawaddy valley for the first time in history, an placed peripheral regions sic as Shan States an Arakan (Northern Rakhine) unner Pagan's suzerainty. He successfully stopped the advance o Khmer Empire intae Tenasserim coastline an intae Upper Menam valley, makkin Pagan ane o twa main kinrick in mainland Sootheast Asie.

A strict disciplinarian, Anawrahta implementit a series o key social, releegious an economic reforms that woud hae a lastin impact in Burmese history. His social an releegious reforms later developed intae the modren-day Burmese cultur. Bi biggin a series o weirs, he turned parched, arid regions aroond Pagan intae the main rice granaries o Upper Burma, gien Upper Burma an endurin economic base frae which tae dominate the Irrawaddy valley an its periphery in the follaein centuries. He bequeathed a strang administrative seestem that aw later Pagan keengs follaed till the dynasty's fall in 1287. The success an longevity o Pagan's dominance ower the Irrawaddy valley laid the foondation for the ascent o Burmese leid an cultur, the spread of Burman ethnicity in Upper Burma.

Anawrahta's legacy went far ayont the borders o modren Burma. His embrace o Theravada Buddhism an his success in stoppin the advance o Khmer Empire, a Hindu kinrick, providit the Buddhist schuil, which haed been in retreat elsewhaur in Sooth an Sootheast Asie, a muckle needed reprieve an a safe shelter. He helped restart Theravada Buddhism in Ceylon, the Buddhist schuil's oreeginal hame. The success o Pagan dynasty made Theravada Buddhism's later growth in Lan Na (northren Thailand), Siam (central Thailand), Lan Xang (Laos), an Khmer Empire (Cambodie) in the 13t an 14t centuries possible.

Anawrahta is ane o the maist famous keengs in Burmese history. His life stories (legends) are a staple o Burmese folklore an retauld in popular literatur an theatre.