An Nawfaliyah

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An Nawfaliyah (Arabic: النوفلية‎), kent as An Nawfalīyah, An Nufaliyah, An Nūfalīyah, En-Nofilia, En-Nofilía, Nofilia, Nofilía, Nufilia, Nawfaliya, Zauia-en-Nofilia or Zauiet en-Nofilia an aw, is a toun in the desert in the Sirte Destrict in Libie.

It is locatit in the umwhile Bin Jawwad Destrict, aroond 20 km wast o Bin Jawwad an 15 km sooth east o Marsa al Uwayja.

Durin Warld War II it wis the site o a brief skirmish in late 1942 when some o Rommel's retreatin forces ran oot o fuel.[1] At the time An Nawfaliyah wis hame tae sma fort an a few Italian biggins in addition tae a mosque, some shops an a schuil.[1]

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