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Região do Algarve
Praia da Marinha (Inglis: Navy Beach) near the toun o Lagoa, a popular beach-side resort
Name oreegin: algarve, frae the Arabic (الغرب or al-gharb) for the wast
Kintra  Portugal
Region Algarve
Capital Faro
 - elevation 11 m (36 ft)
 - coordinates 37°0′52″N 7°56′7″W / 37.01444°N 7.93528°W / 37.01444; -7.93528Coordinates: 37°0′52″N 7°56′7″W / 37.01444°N 7.93528°W / 37.01444; -7.93528
Heichest pynt Fóia
 - elevation 902 m (2,959 ft)
Lowest point Sea level
 - location Atlantic Ocean
Area 5,412 km2 (2,090 sq mi)
Population 450,484 (2011)
Density 83.24/km2 (216/sq mi)
Timezone WET (UTC+0)
 - summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)
GDP per capita (PPS) € 19,200 (2006)[1]
Location of the Algarve Region in context of the national borders
Wikimedia Commons: Algarve
Statistics from INE (2005); geographic detail from Instituto Geográfico Português (2010)

The Algarve (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫˈɡaɾv(ɨ)], frae Arabic: الغرب‎, trans. Al-Gharb, meanin "The Wast") is the soothmaist region o mainland Portugal. It haes an aurie o 5,412 square kilometres (2,090 sq mi) wi approximately 450,484[2] permanent inhabitants, an incorporates 16 municipalities.[3] The region coincides wi the Faro Destrict, an haes as its admeenistrative centre the ceety o Faro, whare baith the region's internaitional airport at Faro (FAO) an public university (the University o the Algarve) are locatit. Tourism an relatit activities are extensive an mak up the bulk o the Algarve's simmer economy. Fish, seafuid an fruit production, which includes oranges, carob beans, figs an awmonds, are ither important activities in the region. The Algarve is the maist popular tourist destination in Portugal, an ane o the maist popular in Europe. Its population triples in the peak holiday saison thanks tae a heich influx o visitors, an receives an average o 7 million foreign tourists each year. In total, includin naitional visitors, amaist 10 million fowk visit the Algarve ivery year.

The Algarve is currently the third richest region in Portugal, wi a GDP per caipita o 86% o the European Union average.[4]

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