Albert II, Prince o Monaco

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Albert II
Albert II February 2015 (cropped).jpg
Prince o Monaco
Ring 6 Aprile 2005 – present
Predecessor Rainier III
Heir apparent Jacques
Meenisters o State
Prince Regent o Monaco
Regency 31 Mairch 2005 – 6 Aprile 2005
Monarch Rainier III
Born (1958-03-14) 14 Mairch 1958 (age 60)
Prince's Palace, Monaco-Ville, Monaco
Spouse Charlene Wittstock (m. 2011)
Issue Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
Alexandre Coste
Princess Gabriella, Coontess of Carladès
Prince Jacques, Hereditary Prince o Monaco
Full name
Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi
Hoose Hoose o Grimaldi
Faither Rainier III, Prince o Monaco
Mither Grace Kelly
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Albert II's signature
Albert II, Prince o Monaco
Kintra  Monaco
Sport Bobsleigh
Event(s) 4-man, 2-man
Retired 2002
Achievements an teetles
Olympic feenals 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002

Albert II[1][2] (Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi; born 14 Mairch 1958) is the reignin monarch o the Principality o Monaco, an heid o the Princely Hoose o Grimaldi.

Children[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. HSH Jacques o Monaco, "Hereditary Prince of Monaco" (born 10 December 2014) hier tae the throne o Monaco.
  2. HSH Princess Gabriella o Monaco, "Coontess of Carladès" (born 10 December 2014) twin o the abuin. 

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