Albert Hofmann

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Albert Hofmann
Albert Hofmann in 1993
Born11 Januar 1906(1906-01-11)
Baden, Swisserland
Dee'd29 Apryle 2008(2008-04-29) (aged 102)
Burg im Leimental, Swisserland
Alma materVarsity o Zürich
Kent forSynthesis o LSD-25
Scientific career

Albert Hofmann (11 Januar 1906 – 29 Aprile 2008)[1][2] wis a Swiss scientist kent best for bein the first person tae seenthesize, ingest, an learn o the psychedelic effects o lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Hofmann wis an aa the first person tae isolate, seenthesize, an name the principal psychedelic mushroom compoonds psilocybin an psilocin.[3] He authored mair nor 100 scienteefic airticles an numerous beuks, includin LSD: Mein Sorgenkind (LSD: My Problem Child).[2] In 2007, he shared first place, alangside Tim Berners-Lee, in a leet o the 100 greatest livin geniuses, published bi The Telegraph newspaper.[4]

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