Al-Rashid o Morocco

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Moulay al-Rashid (1631-1672) (Arabic:مولاي الرشيد) wis Sultan o Morocco frae 1666 tae 1672.

Mawlaay or Moulay al-Rashid is called the foonder o the Alaouite Dynasty.

It wis his faither Moulay Ali Cherif who took pouer in Tafilalt aroond 1630. In 1635 al-Rashid's brither Moulay Mohammed ould Moulay Cherif succeedit their still livin faither. Efter the daith o their faither, Moulay Mohammed brocht Tafilalt, the Draa River valley an the Sahara region unner Alouite power. Houever due tae internal feudin war broke oot atween the brithers an Mohammed wis killed bi troops o al-Rashid in 1664.

Wi a sma airmy al-Rashid ruled the east o Morocco. He wis able tae expand his pouer an seize Taza. In 1666 he marched intae Fes an endit the rule o the Saadi dynasty. Efter subjugatin the northren coastal areas o Morocco he also succeedit in capturin Marrakech in 1669. He occupied the Sus an the Anti-Atlas, which settled the Alaouite pouer ower entire Morocco.

He dee'd in Marrakech in 1672 efter a fall frae his horse.

He wis succeedit bi Ismail Ibn Sharif.

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