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Lobaria scrobiculata on Acer rubrum (reid maser) trunk, New Brunswick, Canadae
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Fungi
Diveesion: Ascomycota
Cless: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Peltigerales
Faimily: Lobariaceae
Genus: Lobaria
Species: L. scrobiculata
Binomial name
Lobaria scrobiculata
(Scop.) P.Gaertn. (1805)

Lichen verrucosus Huds. (1762))
Lichen scrobiculatus Scop. (1772)
Lobaria verrucosa (Huds.) Hoffm. (1796)
Parmelia scrobiculata (Scop.) Ach. (1803)
Sticta scrobiculata (Scop.) Ach. (1810)
Stictina scrobiculata (Scop.) Nyl. (1861)
Lobarina scrobiculata (Scop.) Nyl. (1877)
Sticta verrucosa (Huds.) Fink (1935)
Stictina verrucosa (Huds.) Szatala (1939)
Lobarina verrucosa (Huds.) Gyeln. ex Räsänen (1944)
Pseudocyphellaria scrobiculata (Scop.) J.Blum (1975)

Lobaria scrobiculata, commonly kent as the aikraw, is a lairge foliose, epiphytic crottle.