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Agadez Region

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Location o Agadez Region in Niger
Depairtments o Agadez
Depairtments o Agadez

Agadez is an admeenistrative Region in Niger. Agadez covers 634,209 km². The caipital o the depairtment is Agadez.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 667,799 km² o Agadez Region represents 52% o the tot aurie o Niger, the lairgest o its 7 regions. Despite the size Agadez is spairesely populatit, its 321 639 indwallers are anerlie 2,9% o the tot population o Niger, wi a population density o anerlie 0.5 fowk per/km². The region includes the vast Ténéré Saharan desert, dune seas lik the Erg o Bilma, an the muntains o the Aïr. Hintle o its population comprises nomadic or semi-nomadic fowk: the Tuareg, Toubou, Wadoobe Fula. In the touns an oasies thare, are populations o settled Kanuri (in the east), Hausa, an Songhay. Traversed for centuries bi the Trans Saharan trade, its oasis touns o the Aïr an the eastren Kaouar Cliffs are kent for thair gairdens, saut manufactur, an date cultivation. In the late 1990s, tourism became a lairge industry here, an the Uranium toun o Arlit provides some 20% o the foreign exchynge for the kintra. Tuareg insurgencies against the Niger govrenment in the 1990s an mid 2000s an drocht in the 1970s, 80s, an 2002 hae led tae humanitarian crises an damaged the region's economy.

Subdiveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Agadez is dividit intae 3 Depairtments an ane Commune.

Admeenistrative Subdiveesions
Commune Size Population
Agadez ....... 78 289 indwallers
Depairtment Size Population Chief Town Cantons
Arlit 216 774 km² 98 170 indwallers Arlit
Bilma 296 279 km² 17 080 indwallers Bilma Bilma, Djado, Fachi, Kawar
Tchirozérine 154 746 km² 118 068 indwallers Tchirozérine

Borders[eedit | eedit soorce]

Agadez haes the follaein foreign borders, includin Niger's anerlie borders on Libie an Algerie:

Domestically, it borders the follaein regions:

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