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Aed, King o Scots

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(Reguidit frae Aed, Keeng o Scots)

Áed mac Cináeda (died 878) wis a son o Kenneth MacAlpin. He became king o the Pechts in 877 whan he succeedit his brither Constantine. His eik-name is Áed o the White Flouers, the Wing-fittit (Laitin: alipes) or the white-fit (Laitin: albipes).

The Chronicle o the Kings o Alba says o Áed: "Edus [Áed] held the same [i.e. the kinrick] for ae year. The shortness o his ring haes bequeathed naething memorable tae history. He wis slain in the civitas o Nrurim." Nrurim is unidentifeed.