Keeng o the Pechts

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Pechts keengs ruled in northren an eastren Scotland. In 843 tradeetion records the replacement o the Pechts kinrick by the Kinrick o Alba, awtho the Erse annals continue tae uise Pechts an Fortriu for hauf a century efter 843.

The Erse annals (the Annals o Ulster, Annals o Innisfallen) refer tae some keengs as keeng o Fortriu or keeng o Alba. The keengs listed are thocht tae represent owerkeengs o the Pechts, at least frae the time o Bridei son o Maelchon onwards. In addition tae thae owerkeengs, mony less pouerful subject keengs existit, o wham anerly a wheen are kent frae the historical record.

Meethical keengs o the Pechts are listed in the Lebor Bretnach's accoont o the oreegins o the Cruithne.

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