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Adolfo Alsina

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Adolfo Alsina
4t Vice Preses o Argentinae
In office
12 October 1868 – 12 October 1874
PresesDomingo Sarmiento
Precedit biMarcos Paz
Succeedit biMariano Acosta
Govrenor o Buenos Aires Province
In office
3 Mey 1866 – 10 October 1868
Precedit biMariano Saavedra
Succeedit biEmilio Castro
Personal details
Born4 Januar 1829
Buenos Aires
Dee'd29 December 1877(1877-12-29) (aged 48)
Buenos Aires
Poleetical pairtyNaitional Autonomist Pairty

Adolfo Alsina Maza (4 Januar 1829 – 29 Dizember 1877) wis a Argentine lawyer an Unitarian politeecian, an ane o the foonders o the Partido Autonomista an the Naitional Autonomist Pairty.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Alsina wis born in Buenos Aires, the son o Unitarian politeecian Valentín Alsina an Antonia Maza (dochter o Manuel Vicente Maza). He muivit tae Montevideo, Uruguay when Juan Manuel de Rosas became Govrenor o Buenos Aires Province for the seicont time, in 1835. In the neebourin kintra Alsina stairtit his law studies. Efter the Battle o Caseros in 1852, his faimily returned tae Argentinae, an his faither wis namit a Meenister bi preses Vicente López y Planes.

Adolfo feenished law schuil an joined the Unitarian airmy in the ceevil war. In 1860, efter the Battle o Pavón an the Naitional Union Pact, he teuk pairt in the commission responsible for the constitution reform o 1860. He wis electit a deputy in 1862. When the subject o federalisation, supportit bi Bartolomé Mitre, wis considered in the Chamber o Deputies, Alsina provokit a split in the Partido Unitario an foondit the Partido Autonomista.

In 1866 he wis electit govrenor o the Buenos Aires Province. Alsina considered runnin for preses, but athdrew when he discovered he did no hae the support o maist o the province. Domingo Sarmiento wis electit preses, an namit Alsina his vice-preses.

When the presidency o Sarmiento feenished in 1874, Alsina joined Nicolás Avellaneda tae create the Partido Autonomista Nacional, throu which Avellaneda reached the presidency an namit Alsina Meenister o War an Navy.

At the end o 1875, the Native Americans o Patagonie an the Pampas, especially the Mapuche, launched organisit attacks against the territorial expansion o the soothren border o the emergin naition. The first stage o the Conquest o the Desert began wi the creation o a twa metre deep, three meter wide trench cried Zanja de Alsina tae prevent the free muivement o horse an stolen cattle. Alsina ordered the creation o forts intercommunicatit bi telegraph an aw.

Treein tae unnerstaund the native fowks, he decidit tae study the situation personally; but he fell ill while in the pampas toun o Carhué, an dee'd o renal failur, agit 48.

Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Marcos Paz
Vice Preses o Argentina
Succeedit bi
Mariano Acosta