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Ada Lovelace

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Ada, Coontess o Lovelace
Ada, Coontess o Lovelace, 1840
BornThe Hon. Augusta Ada Byron
10 December 1815(1815-12-10)
Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd27 November 1852(1852-11-27) (aged 36)
Marylebone, Lunnon, Ingland
Restin place
Kirk o St. Mary Magdalene, Hucknall, Nottingham, Ingland
TitleCoontess o Lovelace
Hauf-marrae(s)William King-Noel, 1st Earl o Lovelace
  • Byron King-Noel, Viscount Ockham and 12th Baron Wentworth
  • Anne Blunt, 15th Baroness Wentworth
  • Ralph King-Milbanke, 2nd Earl of Lovelace
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Augusta Ada King, Coontess o Lovelace (née Byron; 10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852) wis an Inglis mathematician an writer, chiefly kent for her wirk on Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. She wis first tae ken that the machine hid uises forby pure calculation and is cawed the 'first computer programmer',[1][2] tho this wis recently disputit.[3]

Ada Lovelace plaque, Mallory Park

She wis the anely lea'some bairn o makar, Laird Byron an reformer, Anna Isabella Milbanke.[4] Her mither haed studied mathematics, an wis eddicatit preevatly forby in mathematics, which wisna ordinar fir a wumman,[1] but ae o her tutors wis Mary Somerville.[5]

Whan she wis seiventeen, throu Somerville, Lovelace stairtit tae wirk wi Charles Babbage an thru him wis able tae study advanced mathematics at the Varsity o Lunnon.[1] Efterwirds, it wis speired at her tae pit ower an airticle aboot Babbage's machine bi an Italian ingineer, Luigi Federico Menabrea for a Swisser jurnal. She didnae juist pit ower the origeenal Frainch airticle intae Inglis, she eikit in notes o her ain, thit endit up three times langer nor the origeenal.[1][6][7]

She mairit Wiliam King in 1835, an whan he becam the Earl o Lovelace in 1838, she becam Coontess o Lovelace, an haed three bairns.[8]

Lovelace met wi an wrocht wi ithir scientists forby Charles Babbage, sik as Andrew Crosse, David Brewster, Charles Wheatstone, Michael Faraday an author, Charles Dickens. She wis eddicatit frae thaim an forby descrivit hersel as an analyst an metaphysicist, an cawed hir ain method 'poetical science'.[4]

She dee'd o cancer, whaun she wis thirty-seiven, on 27 November 1852.[8]

Ada Lovelace Day and ither commemorations

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Ada Lovelace Day is celbratit ilka year, sin 2009, oan the seicont Tuesday in October[9][10] tae "howk up the profile for weemen in science, technology, engineerin, an maths," an tae "hiv new role models for lassies an weemen"[11] [12] an a medal an annual lectur is awairded in her name.[13][14] In 2012, a Google Doodle wis pit thegither fir Ada Lovelace Day.[15] A statue o Lovelace wis addit tae the Trinity Leebrary, Dublin, Ireland in 2018.[16] An Ada Lovelace biggin in Exeter Science Pairk, England, wis appent in 2021.[17]

In 2023, the UK Ryal Mint, issued a £2 coin tae "honour the innovative contreebutions o computer science visionary Ada Lovelace an her legacy as a female trailblazer." [18]


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