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Ahladokambos is locatit in Greece
Location athin the regional unit
Koinotita Ahladokampou.png
Coordinates: 37°31′N 22°35′E / 37.517°N 22.583°E / 37.517; 22.583Coordinates: 37°31′N 22°35′E / 37.517°N 22.583°E / 37.517; 22.583
Admeenistrative regionPeloponnese
Regional unitArgolis
 • Municipal unit
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Vehicle registrationAP

Ahladokambos (Greek: Αχλαδόκαμπος) is a veelage an a umwhile commonty in Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece. Syne the 2011 local govrenment reform it is pairt o the municipality Argos-Mykines, o which it is a municipal unit.[2] Population 654 (2001). It is locatit on a muntainside approximately midwey atween Argos an Tripoli (~30 km frae each) at an elevation o approximately 450 metres.

The commonty haes, throu a project wi the Meenistry o Development an EEN Hellas SA (a subsidiar o the French energy hauldin company EDF Energies Nouvelles), instawed 10 Vestas V90-3MW wind turbines on the muntain abuin the veelage.

A significant nummer o emigrants frae Achladokampos hae settled in the Unitit States syne the early 20t century an hae formit the Brotherhood of Achladokambiton as a means o keepin in touch.

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