Abernethy biscuit

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Abernethy biscuit
Place o oreeginUnitit Kinrick
Creautit biJohn Abernethy
Main ingredientsHaurdtack, succar, carvie seeds
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The Abernethy biscuit wis foremaist makkit by doctor John Abernethy[1] in the 18t yearhunner[2] fur tae impruive disgeestion[3] an syne helpin halth.[4] Ithir doctors hid makit disgeestion biscuits (Bath Oliver, Graham Cracker).[5]

The Abernethy biscuit wis a fauvourit o William Gladstone[6] an is in the Dicken's buik The Pickwick Papers, whan a Mr Solomon Pell is (in Inglis) "regaling himself,...., with a cold collation of an Abernethy biscuit and a saveloy."[7] It is the king's disguise in a lesser kent comic opera by W.S.Gilbert, Princess Toto.[8]

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