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Abadan is located in Iran
Coordinates: 30°20′21″N 48°18′15″E / 30.33917°N 48.30417°E / 30.33917; 48.30417
Kintra Iran
 • Total217,988
Time zoneUTC+3:30 (IRST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+4:30 (IRDT)

Abadan (Persie: آبادان‎, Arabic:عبادان, also Romanized as Ābādān)[1] is a ceety in an the caipital o Abadan Coonty, Khuzestan Province, Iran. It lees on Abadan Island (68 km or 42 mi lang, 3–19 km or 2–12 miles wide, the island is boondit in the wast bi the Arvand watterwa an tae the east bi the Bahmanshir ootlet o the Karun River), 53 kilometre (33 mi) frae the Persie Guwf,[2] near the Iraqi-Iran border. The civilian population o the ceety droppit tae near zero durin the aicht-years Iran–Iraq War. As o the 1986 census due tae the war the population droppit tae anerlie 6 fowk. In 1992, anerlie 84,774 haed returned tae live in the ceety. Bi 2001, the population haed jumpit tae 206,073, an it wis 217,988, in 48,061 faimilies, accordin tae 2006 census.[3] Abadan Refinery is ane o the lairgest in the warld.

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