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Aage Niels Bohr
Aage Bohr.jpg
Bohr in 1955
Born 19 Juin 1922(1922-06-19)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died 9 September 2009(2009-09-09) (aged 87)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Naitionality Dens
Alma mater Varsity o Copenhagen
Kent for Geometry o atomic nuclei
Scientific career
Fields Nuclear pheesics
Thesis Rotational States o Atomic Nuclei (1954)

Aage Niels Bohr (Dens: [ˈɔːʊ̯ə ˌnels ˈboɐ̯ˀ] ( listen); 19 Juin 1922 – 9 September 2009) wis a Dens nuclear pheesicist wha shared the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1975 wi Ben Mottelson an James Rainwater "for the discovery o the connection atween collective motion an pairticle motion in atomic nuclei an the development o the theory o the structur o the atomic nucleus based on this connection".[1]

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