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1971 AC Frua

The AC Frua or AC 428 is a Breetish GT biggit bi AC Caurs frae 1965 tae 1973. With an Italian body, Breetish chassis, an American big block V-8 it is a true hybrid. It is also extremely rare, with anerlie 81 caurs biggit in total: 49 coupés (known as fastbacks), 29 convertibles, an 3 special bodied.

The Frua is aften confused wi the gey similar lookin Pietro Frua designed Maserati Mistral. However, anerlie the front quarter windaes an door handles ar shared.

Heestory[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Frua is biggit on an AC Cobra 427 Mark III race-bred coil springs chassis extended bi 6 inches (150 mm). Chassis wur biggit at the AC plant in Ingland then shipped tae Frua's workshop in Italy where the body wis fitted an then sent back tae Ingland tae hae the pouer train an trim added. The cost wis huge an the caurs coud na be sold at a competitive price. Unlike similar caurs such as the Iso Grifo, Iso Rivolta, an Monteverdis an De Tomasos o the period, the AC Frua features fully independent racin based coil spring suspension.

The AC Frua wis never fully developed because AC Caurs lacked the financial means. The caur's main drawback, common tae similarly-engined big-block U.S. muscle caurs o the period, is a tendency o the huge V-8's heat tae bleed into the cabin. This design flaw can be overcome bi uisin modern insulation on the firewall an unner the floor.

Chassis[eedit | eedit soorce]

1971 AC Frua convertible

Chassis construction wis similar tae maist Italian supercaurs o that era, wi squerr an rectangular tubin connectin the steel body tae the frame. Though the 4 inch (100 mm) tubular chassis allowed baith coupé an convertible versions tae be immensely rigid, the design wis intricate an prone tae rust. The bonnets an boot lids wur fabricated frae aluminium.

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