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Teep o businessSubsidiary
Teep o steid
Social Networking
Heidquarters20 Duncan Street
Toronto, Ontario
, Canadae
Area servedWorldwide
AwnerVisual Cheenae Group
Foonder(s)Oleg Gutsol
Evgeny Tchebotarev
Alexa rankpositive decrease 1,324 (October 2016)[2]
LaunchedOctober 31, 2009; 14 years ago (2009-10-31)
Current statusActive

500px (pronounced "five hundred p-x") is a Toronto, Canadae-based online photografie community.[3][4] It wis co-foondit by Oleg Gutsol and Evgeny Tchebotarev on Hallae E'en 2009.[5]

500px is seen aes a place tae gain exposure, find inspiration and connect photographers.[6] It facilitates direct connections atween photographers and clients. Aes of January 2018, the steid haed 13 million uisers.[7]

Histerie[eedit | eedit soorce]

500px heidquarters in Toronto

Evgeny Tchebotarev stairted 500px in 2003 on the social blogging wabsteid LiveJournal,[8] as a hobby while he completed a business degree at Ryerson University.[9] Back then, 500 pixels was considered a good size for web display[10] and wis therefore the limit placed on photos submittit tae the community for review.[9] Once photographers submittit thair photos thay were moderatit and only those of a heich quality would make it past the community's curators and be published on the steid.[8]

Tchebotarev jyned forces with Oleg Gutsol and in early 2009[9] thay bygane wirk on the maistly automatit incarnation of 500px. Eemage size grew tae 900 pixels but the name remained. The two launched the offeecial steid on October 31, 2009.[8]

In 2009, the steid haed 1000 uisers, purely through wird of mouth.[11] By late November 2012, the steid had muir than 1,500,000 uisers.[12]

500px's blog wis named ane of the best blogs of 2012, by Time magazine.[13]

In Julie 2015, the company raised $13 million in Series B funding[14] led by a strategic investor, the Visual Cheenae Group, and included pairticipation frae existing backers of the company.

In August 2015, the company launched a new version of its iOS app.[15]

In September 2015, Google announced 500px aes one of their first external Chromecast photografie pairtners.[16] Mair nor 20 million Chromecast uisers are able tae view and display a curatit collection of 500px photos on thair HD TVs. Thay can discover the photographers who took them via the attribution links.

In April 2016, 500px annoonced the launch of verified accounts for brands. Red Bull Media House will be the first brand tae pairticipate, and will be able tae share its wholly owned photografie on the platform.[17]

In November 2016, the company launched 500px Studio which allows brands tae access custom and on-demand photografie frae 500px's photographers efter their January launch of a global photographer directory.[18]

In August 2017, 500px annoonced support for wide-gamut eemages.[19]

On February 26, 2018, 500px wis acquired by Visual Cheenae Group.[20] Aes a result, 500px Marketplace wis shut down, with uisers directit tae Getty Images and VCG, and aw publicly-licensed eemages (such as Creative Commons) were removed frae the service.[21]

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