28 de Julio

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28 de Julio
Municipality an veelage
28 de Julio is located in Argenteinie
28 de Julio
28 de Julio
Coordinates: 43°22′S 65°48′W / 43.37°S 65.80°W / -43.37; -65.80
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceChubut Province
 • MayorJose Nelido Chingoleo, UCR
 (2001 INDEC)
 • Total491
Area code(s)02965

28 de Julio (Veintiocho de Julio, cried simply Veintiocho an aw) is a veelage an municipality in Gaiman Depairtment, Chubut in soothren Argentinae, an is wast o the lawer Chubut River.[2] Tae its east is Dolavon, tae its north is Naitional Route 25, tae its sooth is a boondary, an tae its wast is Boca Toma. The economy in the veelage is primarily agricultural.

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