2020 Breetish Grand Prix

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Unitit Kinrick  2020 British Grand Prix
Race details
Race 4 o 13[a] in the 2020 Formula Ane Warld Championship
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Layout of the Silverstone Circuit
Layout of the Silverstone Circuit
Date 2 August 2020
Offeecial name Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2020
Location Silverstone Circuit
Silverstone, Unitit Kinrick
Coorse Permanent racin facility
Coorse lenth 5.891 km (3.660 mi)
Distance 52 laps, 306.198 km (190.263 mi)
Attendance 0[b]
Pole position
Driver Mercedes
Time 1:24.303
Fastest lap
Driver Netherlands Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing-Honda
Time 1:27.097 on lap 52 (lap record)
First Mercedes
Seicont Red Bull Racing-Honda
Third Ferrari

The 2020 Breetish Grand Prix (offeecially kent as the Formula 1 Pirelli Breetish Grand Prix 2020) wis a Formula Ane motor race held on 2 August 2020 at the Silverstone Circuit in Silverstone, Unitit Kinrick.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The ootbrak o the COVID-19 pandemic saw several Grands Prix cancelled or rescheduled. The revised calendar currently consists o thirteen races but the sport's management annoonced that thay expectit the feenal calendar tae hae as mony as aichteen.
  2. The Grand Prix wis held behind closed doors due tae the COVID-19 pandemic in the Unitit Kinrick.