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2020 Beirut explosions

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2020 Beirut explosions
Eftermath o the explosions
Date4 August 2020 (2020-08-04)
Time18:08:18 EEST (15:08:18 UTC)
(seicont explosion)
VenuePort o Beirut
LocationBeirut, Lebanon
Coordinates33°54′05″N 35°31′08″E / 33.90139°N 35.51889°E / 33.90139; 35.51889Coordinates: 33°54′05″N 35°31′08″E / 33.90139°N 35.51889°E / 33.90139; 35.51889
TeepAmmonium nitrate disaster
Non-fatal injures6,000+
Property damageUS$10–15 billion
DisplacedUp tae 300,000

The 2020 Beirut explosions war a sequence o twa explosions that occurred at the port o the ceety o Beirut, the caipital o Lebanon. The extremely pouerfu seicont blast resultit in at least 207 daiths, 6,000 injures, US$10–15 billion in property damage an an estimatit 300,000 fowk made hameless. The blast wis airtit tae aboot 2,750 tonne (3,030 short ton) o ammonium nitrate—equivalent tae aroond 1,155 tonnes of TNT (4,830 gigajoule)—that haed been confiscatit bi the Lebanese govrenment frae the abandoned ship MV Rhosus an stored in the port withoot proper saufty meisurs for sax years. The blast wis detectit bi the Unitit States Geological Survey as a seismic event o magnitude 3.3, that reached Turkey, Sirie, Israel, an pairts o Europe, an wis heard frae ower 100 mile awey.[1] The Lebanese govrenment declared a twa-week state o emergency.

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