2017 Stockholm attack

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2017 Stockholm attack
2017 Stockholm attack.png
The path o the attack[1]
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LocationNorrmalm, Stockholm, Swaden
Coordinates59°19′57.8″N 018°03′44.2″E / 59.332722°N 18.062278°E / 59.332722; 18.062278Coordinates: 59°19′57.8″N 018°03′44.2″E / 59.332722°N 18.062278°E / 59.332722; 18.062278
Date7 April 2017
c. 14:53 Central European Simmer Time (UTC+2)
Attack teep
Vehicle-rammin attack
WappensStolen delivery larrie
Non-fatal injures
15+ (9 serious)[2]
Suspectit perpetrator
39-year-auld Uzbekistani man

On 7 Aprile 2017, a man drivin a hijacked beer delivery larrie crashed throu crouds alang the Drottninggatan pedestrian street an smashed throu the front o an Åhléns depairtment store in central Stockholm, the caipital ceety o Swaden. The terror attack killed fower people an injured several ithers.

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