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1831 is a year o the Gregorian calendar.

Events[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1st Januar : the American William Lloyd Garrison publishes his abolitionist (antislavery) journal, The Liberator. Free black fowks are whanged an placit in jail in Washington far sellin it.
  • 7t Januar : the Bey o Tunis taks Oran (in Algeria). Husayn Bey propose tae serve Fraunce. He hopes tae tak Constantine. Acause o the violence o his airmy in Oran (nou in Algeria), Fraunce refuses. Relationship atween Fraunce an Tunisia decay acause o that decision, while the Bey is hated bi som Muslims far proposin his help tae the Europeans.
  • 20t Januar: the Lunnon conference gives tae Belgium part o the Greit-Duchy o Luxembourg, the Limbourg part efter the Meuse, an guarantees Belgium's neutrality thru History.
  • Januar: Poland is declared independent bi Polish fowks.
  • November: Roushie wins the battle agains Polish fowks wha insurrect themselves.Adam Czartoryski becomes President o the new polish goviernment,
  • November: Canuts Rebellion in Lyon, Fraunce. (The Canuts wark in Textile industry an are angry agains the machines Jacquard that coud replace thaim in jaub).
  • 4t Juin: Leopold Ist is elected king o the Belgian fowk, an sweer on the Constitution o Belgium the 21t o June, which is nou the National Pairty o Belgium.

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