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The ßGerman Eszett (/ɛsˈtsɛt/) or scharfes s (shairp s) gin spelt oot — is a letter uised in the German alphabet juist. It alternates wi ss unner certaint condeetions, an it is replaced bi ss whan thare's nae ß tae uise. ß is naur-haund unique amang the letters o the Laitin alphabet in that it haes nae dooble letter form syne it ne'er occurs initially (ane o the feow ither exemplars is kra, uised in Greenlandic). Sae German 'Fußball' whan scrieven in dooble letters is 'Fussball'.

In Scots[eedit | eedit soorce]

ß wis uised as an orthographic variant o s in aulder forms o Scots writin an aa, for exemplar discloiß, meanin "disclose", in John Knox's Address to the Congregatioun.